Question: PPS Payment, how many block confirmation to receive payment

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Hi guys,

I'm new at the crypto coin, I was wondering  how many confirmations are needed for a found block too receive payment with PPS setting.

Yesterday I mined for a few hours using PPS as payment, and pool found several block, but I one receive a one payment today.

PLS help.

gwhasler • #1 • 2015-12-25 14:33:46
PPS is a "pay per share" payment system. Its based upon how many shares of work, the difficulty of those shares and how often your miner submits them. It doesn't rely upon blocks being found for a payout. That is PPLNS.

akito.baka • #2 • 2015-12-25 14:47:56
Do we receive payment immediately after block is found or the next day? While mining  yesterday 4 blocks were found but i only received 1 payment. Just now 1 more was found and their was also no payment. When i used pplns I got regular payments for each block found.
gwhasler • #3 • 2015-12-26 00:22:25
Your payment for each share submitted is accumulated until you reach either the minimum payment amount after at least a 24hr cycle or the auto-payment 24hr cycle is complete. At which point the payments are processed and then a few hours after that you will receive your daily payment in your wallet.
There is no correlation between your payments and blocks being found when using PPS.

akito.baka • #4 • 2015-12-26 08:20:05
I ran in 2 different days(24/12 25/12) an this is what I got transferred for my account balance in antpool site. Payment pps. I'm using gpu for testing and learning, miner is still on its way. 

TimeNetwork DifficultyDiff1 Share CountFeeAmount
2015-12-25 93448670796 9024 2.5% 0,00000235

So I should get the BTC amount for yesterday shares some time today in my account balance. 
gwhasler • #5 • 2015-12-26 15:24:16
Not until your balance reaches the minimum pay out amount. I think that is 0.001btc less the 2.5% fee for PPS.

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